Ixalan Prerelease


After not posting about a few sets, it’s time for my normal autumnal attempt at regular posting. My “local-ish” game store in Oberursel had a launch sealed event with leftover prerelease packs. This was great in that I hadn’t had the chance to get to prerelease, and it also gave me a chance at getting the Fatal Push promo. My hopes were high.

While I had hoped for a somewhat organized pool from the prerelease pack, my promo was Dreamcaller Siren. I also opened an additional one in one of my six packs. I felt with those two cards somewhat obligated to go pirates and or flying creatures. The rest of my pool wasn’t strong enough in any two colors. So I attempted blue white black priates/flyers. After scrubbing out the first two rounds I rebuilt blue black red pirates. I knew three colors was a problem, but I was worried about a lack of removal. In hindsight Izzet Pirates was probably a better direction.

I don’t always make great limited deck building decisions (really I regularly make bad decisions in limited). One of the reasons for my bad decisions, is lack of repitition. I make it to an FNM once a month, usually late in the set cycle. I also don’t read up enough on what card is good in a given format. I would say evaluating cards for limited is not a strong suit of mine. I’m generally good at looking at a card and knowing if it will spike in price. That doesn’t help me though. Adulting gets in the way of playing regularly.

My other issue with evaluating cards is reading new cards in German and evaluating the translation. I can generally read and understand the cards no problem. I will however forget a piece of the rules text and undervalue a card. This happens regularly. I read all of my cards and since they are all new I forget what exactly they do. I will also use the art as the mental link for what it does. Two names for things isn’t helpful for learning a new set. I did open the new Jace, but he didn’t due much of anything when I played him. I think I didn’t have enough creatures in my deck to exploit the potential card advantage. So for me he was Jace, Useless Castaway.


Although at the end of the day, I had a fun time, and got that sweet sweet German Promo Fatal Push goodness…


I recently purchased an Apple Watch 3 (GPS), I’ll be posting a review here soon once I’ve used all of the features enough to write a mostly informed review. Next weekend we’ll be in Vienna, so I’ll be adding a review of the trip and pictures of the bus trip.


Pokémon Moon – so far so good

So the new Pokémon games are out here in Europe, they came out a week after the rest of the world got them. I opted to get a EU 3DS, and play the game in German. It’s a good exercise, and it will make shiny farming with the Mesuda Method easier for friends back in the US.

Bacardi Bat?

Pokémon Moon (German Version)

First Impressions

I’m currently at the third island, and I will say that the first island felt like a 3 hour long tutorial. I understand that there are lots of new players now that Pokémon Go has been such a success, but I do wish there was an alternate way for people who’ve played before. This is a long held complaint amongst Pokémon enthusiasts, and with this generation of games, it’s worse.

The Pokémon

My first impression of the new Pokémon is that they look really really good. I especially love the Alolan form for existing Pokémon. I think this is a great feature, that I hope continues in future games. Firstly, because there are currently 800+ existing Pokémon. Each generation has certain ones that feel very similar. This adds new life into existing Pokémon, adds complexity to competitive battling, gives something for collectors to hunt for all while being not completely necessary to beat the game. This is the sort of thing I really like. I hope in future remakes, they add this as well.

The starts are all great. It was hard not to choose the cat, but the owl looked too good. So I went with Rowlet / Bauz (English / German name). Thanks to my friend in the US, I will pick up and level the other starters. I think the water is the least interesting visually, but the Faerie type it picks up in its final form is interesting.

The Story

I like the story. I won’t go into details, because I don’t want to spoil anything. More importantly, I’m playing this through in German. There are plenty of words I have to look up, and I am not certain I pick up on all the nuances that are put in. That being said, I do like the story, and I do like there are bits for long time Pokémon fans.

That’s all for now. I will update with more about Pokémon and German Weihnachtsmärkte.


Living Pokédex 

I was 37 away from completing a living Pokédex, but now Sun and Moon are out (well not in Europe yet), so I’m now 127 away from completing a living Pokédex.
Bought an EU 3DS, and am now streetpassing myself. Nerd win!

Paris was in-Seine!

So the flood waters in Paris was the news story of the week. While it did affect our trip it didn’t wash us out of everything. (pun intended, sorry).

We arrived the 2nd of June and walked from Paris-Est Staion to our Airbnb in the Eiffel Tower area. The train ride was nice and smooth. The ICE trains are in my experience mostly without issue… keyword: Mostly, but more on that later. From Paris-Est we walked down some Rue de something something and found a French chain fast food place, and had a really good sandwich. It was perhaps the best pesto sauce I’ve ever had. This was from a chain mind you. I believe it was Pomme de Pain. I highly recommend it.

We arrived at our Airbnb after being mesmerized by the Eiffel Tower. It’s super touristy I know, but wow, it’s something to see. This is likely, because we see so many pictures of it growing up in the US, and to be in its presence is kind of mind-blowing. The Airbnb was in a building that kind of took us back in time. It had an old staircase (see image) that really struck a chord with me but I don’t quite know why


We were pretty tired, so we went to bed early to rest up for the Catacombs the next day. This was a very good decision in hindsight. +1 to adult decision making skills. We were well rested for the absolute awesomeness of the French Catacombs. It’s majestically morbid, and scary but beautiful. It probably is the most Goth thing I’ve ever done.

For example..



Also, no karate chopping the skulls.


Like most statues in France, it can’t even. You can see from the photo that the water of the Seine was pretty high. Statues of this majesty (this one from Alexandre III bridge) are everywhere.

On the 4th we went to the Rodin museum. We had tickets for the Louvre, but it was closed due to the rising waters. This by no means was a consolation prize. The Rodin museum is epic. Natasha liked the sculptures, as did I, but I found this gem of German Expressionist (yes, I know Munch is Norwegian)


Sure, the 5th was my birthday, but due to issues with electricity our train back was delayed more than 2 hours late. sigh… oh well. Partial refund, and free food makes it better.

Also.. the metro signs are GREAT!


I never get tired of seeing Art Nouveau (Jugendstil)

Moving into Frankfurt Apartment

Finally, everyone is in the new apartment. While Bad Homburg is fantastic, it’s a bit pricey for us. The Frankfurt apartment is quiet for a big city. We moved the cats and a bunch of our stuff today with some great help. I’m glad this part is done. Now I have a mountain of IKEA furniture to build and unpack.

Stuff arrives!

So our stuff from the US arrived today. I was completely impressed with how smoothly it went. It was honestly easier to move from Boston to Frankfurt than from Indy to Boston. The movers were very nice and very patient with our German. Hooray for things working out.

File this under “stupid”, but I thought I could bring my tv and bring it her and it would work. Nope. I knew about pal vs ntsc as well. Oh wells. Now I’m in the market for a TV.

We have a bunch of stuff yet to unpack and have some IKEA furniture that is yet to be delivered. Then we can bring the cats over and call it complete!

I was very happy to see this playmat again. It will definitely be used.

More Pokemon Events

Don’t forget to run to Gamestop to get your Darkrai code. This is the first time I’ve actually been able to obtain Darkrai. 

Also, if you signed up for the Pokemon newsletter before April 22, you should have codes for the bird trio. (Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres).