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Dice Masters Frankfurt am Main


So it has finally begun! Yesterday at T3 I expected to meet one person for Dice Masters, but much to my very good surprise, there were 4 people total. Interestingly, only one of whom was German. Two Spaniards (I think), one ‘Murican (f-yeah!), and one German made for a good time. Of_Dice_and_Men couldn’t make it, but when he does in the future, that’ll make 5. I think we could try to rainbow draft with 5. It would be worth a shot.

To keep anonymity I’ll give everyone nicknames.

Once again, I saw a villains team that just performed really well together. I think this groups meta will likely be villains heavy. Stinkfaul der Kalte was present, and so was Black Manta. I was particularly interested in the team the German brought. He played an all War of Light team. It worked really well together.

My team went up against someone who was brand new. I lost, but was very glad to  hopefully bring someone new into the game. My stuff will arrive next Friday so I can start to really build a team! I can’t wait!!

Gimme mo’ promo’s

Just a friendly reminder to get your Jirachi promo! The WiFi in our temporary housing is crap and my 3DS won’t connect to it. So I used my phone as a wifi hotspot and that worked. Hooray!!

I also ordered some Dice Masters promo cards from a German gaming store. I’m pleased with the purchase. My thought was that I’d keep a few for myself and friends and pass them out for Dice Masters Frankfurt when people stop by and play. The guy at Family Time Games in Indy did this and it was super helpful. Also playing a promo card makes you look cool 🙂


not sure why this is  posting sideways. oh wells.

Fist Full of Donuts eaten by Villains

Title says it all. While it was a lot of fun, Fist Full of Donuts was utterly devoured by a villains team. While playing against @Of_Dice_And_Men he fielded a very efficient Villains team. Captain Cold, Black Manta, and Cheetah were especially efficient. While discussing Diablo names, @Of_Dice_And_Men mentioned that one German randomized name was Stinkfaul der kalte (ultra lazy the cold is the rough translation, literal translation is stink lazy the cold). I continued to call Captain Cold Stinkfaul der kalte, because he just sat there and slowed me down. Very effecient, like a German engineered donut eating party.

I was a bit nervous to invite @Of_Dice_And_Men over to our temporary apartment. I’m not really clued into social nuance. However, @Of_Dice_And_Men knocked it out of the park with bringing cat treats for Kalle (der Kralle -the claw) and Nomi. He also brought some tasty craft beer. 10 of 10, hope he comes to play again.

So here is where I think my deck went wrong, and I think this might help for strategy in any limited collection.

  1. Use what you have, the closer you get to 20 dice in a team the better
  2. Have a midgame stragegy. One can’t go from early game straight into late game.
  3. Removal and ramp are very important

My first game I tried to attack as much as possible as quickly as possible. That dried up way too quickly partly because I couldn’t field and buy dice constantly. I had only 14 dice out of 20. I also had no 4 drops. I consistently was missing a four purchase character, and as soon as there was one or two villains on the board, I was hosed. I also didn’t have a response to a Joker making it impossible to field Hulk. Removal or ramp would’ve fixed this I think.

That being said, Fist Full of Donuts is no more! Now I have made Super Donuts!

Super Donuts

Basic Action Cards

Dark Avenger

Call to Action


Catwoman – Antihero x2

Harvey Bullock – Donut Enthusiast x 3 (aka Donut Dude)

Oracle – Hacker x2

Krypto – Super Loyal x2

Steel – John Henry Irons x2

Black Panter – T’Challa x1

Bane – Professional Criminal x1

Power Girl – Electromagnetic Spectrum Vision x3

Next post will be the strategy behind it all…

Fist Full of Donuts

That’s the name of the team I’m going to field the first time I play Dice Masters in Germany. I’ve bought the World’s Finest starter, the German version of the Avengers vs. X-Men Starter, and various packs of Uncanny X-Men and World’s Finest. The rest of the collection is still in storage waiting for us to move into our new place. That will happen in May, but until then, I’m working with this (not a complaint).

So without further adieu here is the list…

Fist Full of Donuts

Basic Action Cards

Power Bolt (Kraftwelle)

Call to Action


Falcon – Samuel Wilson

Catwoman – Antihero

Harvey Bullock – Donut Enthusiast

Ant-Man – Pym Particles

Black Panther – T’Challa

Bane – Professional Criminal

Spider-Man – Webslinger (Netzwerfer)

Hulk – Anger Issues (Wutausbrüche)


The strategy is get in some early damage in and then ramp into Hulk and ping him with Power Bolt for the increase in A if need be. I normally wouldn’t use Harvey Bullock, but he fits the fist type, fits the curve, and I had 3 dice of him. Plus how can you turn down dice with a donut?

Dice Masters Frankfurt

So on April 16th at 2:00 pm 30th at Terminal Entertainment, it looks like the first meeting of Frankfurt Dice Masters will take place! It may only be two or three people, but as long as the dice is rolling, size doesn’t matter (twss?)



Dice Masters Frankfurt

So as I mentioned in a previous post, I found a local Dice Masters player / collector here in the area. Yesterday we made our way to a game store in Frankfurt. Terminal Entertainment aka T3 is a great store. One side is a comic shop, and now they have a board game shop next door. While I will definitely go to the comic shop, the game shop is what I hope will be my gaming home in Germany.

The guy running the store spoke German really really fast, but I think I understood most of it. There was a sign posted in back for someone requesting Dice Masters players. The shop owner said, that the guy who posted it was from Spain, but spoke English really well. I’ve emailed him, and am hopeful for a response. I purchased a German/French AvX Starter. I’m super excited to finally have an AvX starter. It’s interesting that the cards are two sided. One side is German, the other is French. I also bought a World’s Finest Starter and 3 World’s Finest boosters. I think this is going to be a very strong set. I should probably devote a post just to it.

There is also a Dice Masters Deutschland facebook group. If you’re in Germany and play. I’d highly recommend it. My goal is to start/join a Frankfurt group. Dice Masters is a fun game, and relatively affordable. I like those things in a collectible game.

So far so good in Germany



So we’ve been in Germany for about a month. We are in temporary housing which has been quite nice. The internet connection is less than stellar, but it is better than nothing. Bad Homburg (pronounced: bod home-burg) is very quaint. Louisenstraße is fun to walk up and down just to people watch. The coat of arms for the city is something I particularly enjoy (pictured above). I am sadly without any of my gaming stuff until we move into our apartment in Frankfurt (17 minutes away by train). I’ve started following a guy on Instagram user of_dice_and_men . Plus one for first German gaming acquaintance. There is a gaming store in Frankfurt I am hopefully I can start a Dice Masters group for.

Anywho, more later.

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Dice Masters – continued

Continuing on the pursuit of the dicemasters game, I found some pretty good deals on eBay. For a limited variant a friend of mine and I are starting with a War of Ligh booster and ten packs.  

This starter set has some fun content in it. The Guy Gardner cards seem pretty powerful. I could be biased in that I really enjoyed a lot of Geoff Johns run on the Green Lantern. 

One thing that slightly bothers me, is that there are opportunities for concepts to work across several franchises. The cards use symbols to denote different factions and types. Perhaps some of these types and factions could cross franchises and just use a different name. 

Quasi-Sealed Pool

So my friend and I are playing a quasi sealed pool. It’s over distance so we are leveraging the forum to document turns. We each have the War of Light starter and opened 10 boosters. 

My 10 boosters contained:

  1. Carol Ferris – True Love
  2. Miri Riam – Capable of Great Love
  3. Jade – Daughter of the Golden Age
  4. Dex-Starr – Rage Kitty
  5. Indigo-1 – Merciful Leader (x2)
  6. Warth – Brother
  7. Lyssa Drak – Future Sight
  8. Mongul – Black Mercy
  9. Kilowog – Drill Instructor (x2)
  10. Lex Luthor – Egomaniac (x2)
  11. Batman – Fear as a Weapon
  12. Lantern Ring – not just jewelry 
  13. Mera – Queen of Atlantis
  14. Starfire – Princess of Tamaran
  15. Larfleeze – Avarice
  16. Anti-Monitor – Warp Reality

From this and I starter I will assemble a team. 

More Later. 

    Dice Masters

    I recently took a trip back to Indiana. A bonus of seeing family and friends is that, there was plenty of gaming.  My friend Jason and I both decided to give Dice Masters a try. 

    So on the recommendation of the store owner at Family Time Games on the northwest side of Indy I bought the Battle for Faerûn starter and a few boosters of other sets. By the way, this store is fantastic, I wish it were there when I lived in Indy. 

    The Pros

    Fun: Holy heck is this game fun. I was very skeptical at first. To be honest, I had my Magic the Gathering snob hat on. This was quickly put aside. Attacking in with your favorite D&D characters or super heroes is quite fun. Parallax vs. a beholder is a real thing now. 

    Strategy: There is quite a bit of strategy to the game. I just assumed it would be just roll dice and get lucky. Thankfully, there are plenty of interesting choices to make, from squad selection to tactics while playing. 

    Price: The game won’t break the bank. Booster packs are $1. That’s right. $1. That gets you two cards and two dice. Starter sets hover around $20 and collector boxes around $25. Singles range from 25¢ to $40. And since there are cheaper versions of heroes that use the same dice you’ll likely only pay the high end once. 

    The Cons

    The Rule Book: I am glad we had someone to ask, because we definitely didn’t get some of the parts of the turn correct from reading the rule book. It leaves a lot of questions. The movement of dice between zones and when to do it is not very clear at all. This really needs improvement. 

    The Collector’s Box: I don’t understand why this exists. It is not a good deal. You can get the promo on eBay, and the storage is not worth it. Just get a two player starter, and some boosters.