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Fist Full of Donuts eaten by Villains

Title says it all. While it was a lot of fun, Fist Full of Donuts was utterly devoured by a villains team. While playing against @Of_Dice_And_Men he fielded a very efficient Villains team. Captain Cold, Black Manta, and Cheetah were especially efficient. While discussing Diablo names, @Of_Dice_And_Men mentioned that one German randomized name was Stinkfaul der kalte (ultra lazy the cold is the rough translation, literal translation is stink lazy the cold). I continued to call Captain Cold Stinkfaul der kalte, because he just sat there and slowed me down. Very effecient, like a German engineered donut eating party.

I was a bit nervous to invite @Of_Dice_And_Men over to our temporary apartment. I’m not really clued into social nuance. However, @Of_Dice_And_Men knocked it out of the park with bringing cat treats for Kalle (der Kralle -the claw) and Nomi. He also brought some tasty craft beer. 10 of 10, hope he comes to play again.

So here is where I think my deck went wrong, and I think this might help for strategy in any limited collection.

  1. Use what you have, the closer you get to 20 dice in a team the better
  2. Have a midgame stragegy. One can’t go from early game straight into late game.
  3. Removal and ramp are very important

My first game I tried to attack as much as possible as quickly as possible. That dried up way too quickly partly because I couldn’t field and buy dice constantly. I had only 14 dice out of 20. I also had no 4 drops. I consistently was missing a four purchase character, and as soon as there was one or two villains on the board, I was hosed. I also didn’t have a response to a Joker making it impossible to field Hulk. Removal or ramp would’ve fixed this I think.

That being said, Fist Full of Donuts is no more! Now I have made Super Donuts!

Super Donuts

Basic Action Cards

Dark Avenger

Call to Action


Catwoman – Antihero x2

Harvey Bullock – Donut Enthusiast x 3 (aka Donut Dude)

Oracle – Hacker x2

Krypto – Super Loyal x2

Steel – John Henry Irons x2

Black Panter – T’Challa x1

Bane – Professional Criminal x1

Power Girl – Electromagnetic Spectrum Vision x3

Next post will be the strategy behind it all…

RK Post Custom Magic Tokens

So, on a whim I decided to order some custom magic tokens from artist RK Post. A friend of mine has a few and they look super neat. I ordered some. I asked for Art Deco Cat Soldier. He recently posted these to his Instagram feed.

I for one can’t wait to get my hands on them!
I also bought a new computer. I am thinking I will name it Dier or Wimmer.  Oh fun times.

Edit: This edit made with new computer! Oooooo!!