Monthly Archives: December 2013

Work. Gaming. Pokemon Etc

As usual the work life continues to interfere with gaming. I’ve managed to beat Pokemon X. I’ve also obtained the post game legendaries. I think X and Y are great, but the post game is a little lacking. I’m hoping that somehow they patch in additional content. There are holes in the story, and plenty of locations that can’t be explored. I’m looking at you unused train station in Couriway Town, and doors in the power plant that are unopenable. I also found that obtaining the bird trio was annoyingly difficult. I don’t mind roamers, the part that I found annoying was having to check the PokéDex as to where the roamer was located.

That being said Friend Safari is fantastic! I’ve found it to be very fun way to get Pokemon and I’ve even found two shiny Pokémon in Friend Safari. The first was a Phantump, the second was a Wartortle!

Oh! I almost forgot! In November I was in Germany and visited StreetPass Berlin. This photo (modified by me) is from StreetPass Berlin’s FaceBook page.

brent berlin streetpass

I was mostly shy but I met two very nice fellows. One spoke English, and the other put up with my German. It was fantastic, and the StreetPass and German Pokemon were awesome. I can’t wait to go back!

Jumping around a bit, Pokemon Bank comes out in 5 days. I can’t wait to transport in my Pokemon from Black 2. I’m also excited for the Celebi!

More hopefully soon…