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Diablo 3 and other musings while flying

Paragon levels continue to be fun, but I can feel the grind already seeing in. I think adventure mode will alleviate some of not all of that grind feeling. I’m currently paragon level 24. I’m working through expert level act 3. My spin to win barbarian does fantastically against large groups, but I still have issues on longer so solo mob fights. Health isn’t a problem either. Some champions can bring me low, but a health pot is all I need. It does feel like yellow drops are the new blue drops. I ignore any blue drops. Yellow drops are rarely better than what I am currently equipping. A few legendary items have dropped, and thankfully two were weapons. Immortal king weapon dropped, but I’m not sure how two hands weapons work with whirlwind. The game says it’s not better than what I currently am using.
I’m traveling for business and the airplane just took off. If I weren’t seated around VPs in my company if pull out the 3ds and play bravely default. Corporate and gaming doesn’t work where I work unfortunately. My boss, plays WoW and I can talk some games with him. Kind of. He is currently playing the south park game. It sounds fun on so many offensive levels. I’ll play it… Eventually.
I’m still assessing Netrunner, and I don’t think fantasy flight games will disappoint. I hope they continue to support the lcg model. Long term the entry point is likely to be prohibitive. I think they’ll find a way around it. Proxies seem prevalent which is good. OCTGN Is likely how I’ll actually finally play.
Okay Flight is done. More later.

I think they fixed Diablo 3!

So much game goodness going on! Bravely default is turning out to be one of the best games I’ve ever played. Also paragon and loot 2.0 are awesome in Diablo 3.

I went to JP Comics and Games today, and picked up N Comics etrunner. Fantasy flight just makes great games.

Short update but I want to get in the habit of at least documenting what I can.