Monthly Archives: June 2014

JP Comics and Games is my personal happy place

I’ve been heading over to JP Comics and Games in Jamaica Plain every weekend. I had been longing for quite a while to have some sort of gaming group. Friday Night Magic at JP Comics has been the right mix of playing for the fun of the game, but still trying to win. The people there have been nice. I haven’t broken into the core group or anything, but they are all nice enough that I’d continue to go back regardless of whether I broke in or not.

I’m not that good at draft. I still like doing it though. I started playing again just as Journey into Nyx was coming out. I think if I had more experience drafting Theros, and Boring errr Born of the Gods. I actually don’t mind the set. I just thought it was humorous to call it that. I do think that Theros is the strongest of the 3 sets. This block reminds me of Lorwyn in that it has lots of story and lore to it. That part is awesome! The duals are reasonably priced on the secondary market, which is a super plus.

In regards to the secondary market, I think the rares in this block will go up considerably once Ravnica 2.0 rotates out. I haven’t started speculating yet, but some of these rares seem like they should be going for more. I’m fine with low prices though. It makes deck building accessible.