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Dice Masters – continued

Continuing on the pursuit of the dicemasters game, I found some pretty good deals on eBay. For a limited variant a friend of mine and I are starting with a War of Ligh booster and ten packs.  

This starter set has some fun content in it. The Guy Gardner cards seem pretty powerful. I could be biased in that I really enjoyed a lot of Geoff Johns run on the Green Lantern. 

One thing that slightly bothers me, is that there are opportunities for concepts to work across several franchises. The cards use symbols to denote different factions and types. Perhaps some of these types and factions could cross franchises and just use a different name. 

Quasi-Sealed Pool

So my friend and I are playing a quasi sealed pool. It’s over distance so we are leveraging the forum to document turns. We each have the War of Light starter and opened 10 boosters. 

My 10 boosters contained:

  1. Carol Ferris – True Love
  2. Miri Riam – Capable of Great Love
  3. Jade – Daughter of the Golden Age
  4. Dex-Starr – Rage Kitty
  5. Indigo-1 – Merciful Leader (x2)
  6. Warth – Brother
  7. Lyssa Drak – Future Sight
  8. Mongul – Black Mercy
  9. Kilowog – Drill Instructor (x2)
  10. Lex Luthor – Egomaniac (x2)
  11. Batman – Fear as a Weapon
  12. Lantern Ring – not just jewelry 
  13. Mera – Queen of Atlantis
  14. Starfire – Princess of Tamaran
  15. Larfleeze – Avarice
  16. Anti-Monitor – Warp Reality

From this and I starter I will assemble a team. 

More Later. 

    Dice Masters

    I recently took a trip back to Indiana. A bonus of seeing family and friends is that, there was plenty of gaming.  My friend Jason and I both decided to give Dice Masters a try. 

    So on the recommendation of the store owner at Family Time Games on the northwest side of Indy I bought the Battle for Faerûn starter and a few boosters of other sets. By the way, this store is fantastic, I wish it were there when I lived in Indy. 

    The Pros

    Fun: Holy heck is this game fun. I was very skeptical at first. To be honest, I had my Magic the Gathering snob hat on. This was quickly put aside. Attacking in with your favorite D&D characters or super heroes is quite fun. Parallax vs. a beholder is a real thing now. 

    Strategy: There is quite a bit of strategy to the game. I just assumed it would be just roll dice and get lucky. Thankfully, there are plenty of interesting choices to make, from squad selection to tactics while playing. 

    Price: The game won’t break the bank. Booster packs are $1. That’s right. $1. That gets you two cards and two dice. Starter sets hover around $20 and collector boxes around $25. Singles range from 25¢ to $40. And since there are cheaper versions of heroes that use the same dice you’ll likely only pay the high end once. 

    The Cons

    The Rule Book: I am glad we had someone to ask, because we definitely didn’t get some of the parts of the turn correct from reading the rule book. It leaves a lot of questions. The movement of dice between zones and when to do it is not very clear at all. This really needs improvement. 

    The Collector’s Box: I don’t understand why this exists. It is not a good deal. You can get the promo on eBay, and the storage is not worth it. Just get a two player starter, and some boosters. 


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