Monthly Archives: May 2016

Moving into Frankfurt Apartment

Finally, everyone is in the new apartment. While Bad Homburg is fantastic, it’s a bit pricey for us. The Frankfurt apartment is quiet for a big city. We moved the cats and a bunch of our stuff today with some great help. I’m glad this part is done. Now I have a mountain of IKEA furniture to build and unpack.

Stuff arrives!

So our stuff from the US arrived today. I was completely impressed with how smoothly it went. It was honestly easier to move from Boston to Frankfurt than from Indy to Boston. The movers were very nice and very patient with our German. Hooray for things working out.

File this under “stupid”, but I thought I could bring my tv and bring it her and it would work. Nope. I knew about pal vs ntsc as well. Oh wells. Now I’m in the market for a TV.

We have a bunch of stuff yet to unpack and have some IKEA furniture that is yet to be delivered. Then we can bring the cats over and call it complete!

I was very happy to see this playmat again. It will definitely be used.

More Pokemon Events

Don’t forget to run to Gamestop to get your Darkrai code. This is the first time I’ve actually been able to obtain Darkrai. 

Also, if you signed up for the Pokemon newsletter before April 22, you should have codes for the bird trio. (Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres). 

Dice Masters Frankfurt am Main


So it has finally begun! Yesterday at T3 I expected to meet one person for Dice Masters, but much to my very good surprise, there were 4 people total. Interestingly, only one of whom was German. Two Spaniards (I think), one ‘Murican (f-yeah!), and one German made for a good time. Of_Dice_and_Men couldn’t make it, but when he does in the future, that’ll make 5. I think we could try to rainbow draft with 5. It would be worth a shot.

To keep anonymity I’ll give everyone nicknames.

Once again, I saw a villains team that just performed really well together. I think this groups meta will likely be villains heavy. Stinkfaul der Kalte was present, and so was Black Manta. I was particularly interested in the team the German brought. He played an all War of Light team. It worked really well together.

My team went up against someone who was brand new. I lost, but was very glad to  hopefully bring someone new into the game. My stuff will arrive next Friday so I can start to really build a team! I can’t wait!!