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Pokémon Moon – so far so good

So the new Pokémon games are out here in Europe, they came out a week after the rest of the world got them. I opted to get a EU 3DS, and play the game in German. It’s a good exercise, and it will make shiny farming with the Mesuda Method easier for friends back in the US.

Bacardi Bat?

Pokémon Moon (German Version)

First Impressions

I’m currently at the third island, and I will say that the first island felt like a 3 hour long tutorial. I understand that there are lots of new players now that Pokémon Go has been such a success, but I do wish there was an alternate way for people who’ve played before. This is a long held complaint amongst Pokémon enthusiasts, and with this generation of games, it’s worse.

The Pokémon

My first impression of the new Pokémon is that they look really really good. I especially love the Alolan form for existing Pokémon. I think this is a great feature, that I hope continues in future games. Firstly, because there are currently 800+ existing Pokémon. Each generation has certain ones that feel very similar. This adds new life into existing Pokémon, adds complexity to competitive battling, gives something for collectors to hunt for all while being not completely necessary to beat the game. This is the sort of thing I really like. I hope in future remakes, they add this as well.

The starts are all great. It was hard not to choose the cat, but the owl looked too good. So I went with Rowlet / Bauz (English / German name). Thanks to my friend in the US, I will pick up and level the other starters. I think the water is the least interesting visually, but the Faerie type it picks up in its final form is interesting.

The Story

I like the story. I won’t go into details, because I don’t want to spoil anything. More importantly, I’m playing this through in German. There are plenty of words I have to look up, and I am not certain I pick up on all the nuances that are put in. That being said, I do like the story, and I do like there are bits for long time Pokémon fans.

That’s all for now. I will update with more about Pokémon and German Weihnachtsmärkte.