Paris was in-Seine!

So the flood waters in Paris was the news story of the week. While it did affect our trip it didn’t wash us out of everything. (pun intended, sorry).

We arrived the 2nd of June and walked from Paris-Est Staion to our Airbnb in the Eiffel Tower area. The train ride was nice and smooth. The ICE trains are in my experience mostly without issue… keyword: Mostly, but more on that later. From Paris-Est we walked down some Rue de something something and found a French chain fast food place, and had a really good sandwich. It was perhaps the best pesto sauce I’ve ever had. This was from a chain mind you. I believe it was Pomme de Pain. I highly recommend it.

We arrived at our Airbnb after being mesmerized by the Eiffel Tower. It’s super touristy I know, but wow, it’s something to see. This is likely, because we see so many pictures of it growing up in the US, and to be in its presence is kind of mind-blowing. The Airbnb was in a building that kind of took us back in time. It had an old staircase (see image) that really struck a chord with me but I don’t quite know why


We were pretty tired, so we went to bed early to rest up for the Catacombs the next day. This was a very good decision in hindsight. +1 to adult decision making skills. We were well rested for the absolute awesomeness of the French Catacombs. It’s majestically morbid, and scary but beautiful. It probably is the most Goth thing I’ve ever done.

For example..



Also, no karate chopping the skulls.


Like most statues in France, it can’t even. You can see from the photo that the water of the Seine was pretty high. Statues of this majesty (this one from Alexandre III bridge) are everywhere.

On the 4th we went to the Rodin museum. We had tickets for the Louvre, but it was closed due to the rising waters. This by no means was a consolation prize. The Rodin museum is epic. Natasha liked the sculptures, as did I, but I found this gem of German Expressionist (yes, I know Munch is Norwegian)


Sure, the 5th was my birthday, but due to issues with electricity our train back was delayed more than 2 hours late. sigh… oh well. Partial refund, and free food makes it better.

Also.. the metro signs are GREAT!


I never get tired of seeing Art Nouveau (Jugendstil)